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Sonic Comic REMIX

Just simply a Sonic sprite comic with random stuff going on blah blah blah... That's made by a kid! (Weird huh...). 11/11 CAMEOS ARE CLOSED! (But (A) Random Sonic Comic and maybe some new comic will soon accept cameos)

    Credits for comic:
  • Tails' Twin - All the comics.
    Credits for sprite sheets:
  • Tails' Twin - Tails' Twin (Duh!).
  • Ren "Foxx" Ramos - Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Eggman, Tails' Flick.
  • Daniel Sidney - Shadow, Super Amy, Tails, Knuckles.
  • N-finity - Shadow.
  • Hypero - Tails.
  • Riokenn - Tails.
  • Sonow - Blaze.
  • Rudolph the Echidna - Blaze.
  • Joe T.E. - Super Sonic.
  • shadow_91 - Super Tails.
  • CyberShadow - Mephiles.
  • JDavis - Master Hand.
  • Jurae818 - Michael Jackson
  • Hdprog - R.O.B.
  • All cameos - All cameos :P
  • It did not say/unknown - Badnics, Items/Powerups, St. Patrick's Day hat, Mario, Luigi.
    Credits for backgrounds:
  • ibm2431/Background HQ - All sprite backgrounds.
  • It did not say/unknown - Door collage, campfire, atomic explosion, St. Patrick's Day.
    Credits for SFX:
  • CloudTH - All SFX.
  • It did not say/unknown - *KABOOM*, *FLASH*.
    Credits and copyrights:
  • Tails' Twin - "Sonic Comic REMIX" (The comic)
  • Sonic Team/Sega-aaa! - Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Eggman, etc.
  • Nintendo - Mario, Luigi, ect.
  • CapCom - Mega Man, ect.
  • MJ Productions Inc./Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Smooth Criminal.
  • Trevor Fayas - Sonic and Pals
  • David Anez - Bob and George
  • All cameos - All cameos XP
  • P.M. me if I'm missing something.
  • Cameos will not have there original personality. (It's because the comic-and-creator-transfer-thingy made the personalitys mixed up :P )


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